Reading Resolutions 2017

1. Keep a reading diary.

I normally keep track of my reading on Goodreads, which is just fine. But all writerly folk will understand the joy of carrying around a little notebook to keep all my bookish joy inside. You’ll also understand the very strong likelihood of giving up or forgetting to keep up with it after a couple of weeks.

I’m planning to keep track of new releases I’m excited for each month, books I specifically want to read, books I actually end up reading, and my favourite quotes as I read them. I’m hoping it will also help me keep up with the following resolutions.

2. Read at least three books per month.

This is a tricky one as three books doesn’t sound like many at all. However, my reading habits can be quite erratic based on how busy work is, if I can face reading through a headache, and of course whether I get sucked into any multi-season TV dramas on Netflix (case in point, Grey’s Anatomy in 2015 and Gilmore Girls in 2015).That means I could read eight books one month but only one in another, and my TBR pile(s) just can’t cope with that any more!

2. At least one book per month should be written by a BAME author.

This shouldn’t even have to be a resolution.

In an ideal world, if we pick up a book there should be an equal likelihood of it being written by any sort of diverse author. Any kind of human. But the sad case is that, especially in YA, we sometimes have to go out of our way to find it. I’m glad there’s a lot more awareness around the issue at the moment, and pushes to improve the problem.

Whilst there is plenty more character diversity, be it by ethnicity, disability or sexuality, in books being published now, they are still often written by heterosexual, white, able-bodied authors. But we can all do our little part to make sure we’re reading and appreciating different voices to our own. Reading is how we learn.

3. Read more graphic novels.

I own so many graphic novels. They’re on a separate book shelf and slightly less handbag-friendly than a paperback so I always forgetting about them. Worst excuse ever, right? I have a backlog big enough to read one per month, so that’s my aim for this year, in addition to my book goals.

4. Catch up on those pesky high fantasy series.

Here’s my problem. I love high fantasy. When a new book in a series is released (and they’re always in a series) I’ll get all excited and buy it straight away. In hardback. I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading a good book I want to take it everywhere with me…especially since Southern Rail is my main transport link. The conundrum arises because I’m way too lazy to carry around a 700 page hardback. And I just can’t face buying the e-book version and ruining my beautiful set!

Just like everyone else in the world, I want to get fitter in 2017. No, let me clarify. I want an excuse to eat more food. This may involve using my gym membership that I pay for every month but never utilise. Seriously, the gym is boring and it’s hard to read books on some of the machines (I’ve tried). So I’m hoping that Audible can save the day on two counts. This could be a terrible decision…I’ll let you know.


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