10 Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Choo choo! All aboard the Harry Potter hype train! This weekend is going to be full of Potter goodness in London, with the release of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script (I’m ridiculously excited to be going to the midnight launch party at Waterstones Piccadilly) and YALC (aka. Young Adult Literature Convention aka. my favourite convention of the year) hosting their own Harry Potter party in celebration.

For those of you who need an affordable Potter fix, to treat a fandom friend or to affirm your HP geek status, here are ten goodies I’ve been drooling over. Everything listed is from UK sellers because we’ve all wallowed in the self-pity of finding something perfect online, only to find that shipping from the US costs twenty quid and will take three years to arrive.

1. Wizard Glasses Necklace
£15.00 from Literary Emporium + free postage

These Harry Potter glasses (with bonus added lighning bolt scar) are tiny and adorable. And they come in a little gift box. The problem is choosing which colour to go for.


2. ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’ Mini Notebook
£1.65 from on heykatiedesigns on Etsy + £1.20 postage (ships from UK)

This shop has SO many different notebooks sporting minimalistic designs of quotes from the books and even lines and lyrics from A Very Potter Musical. These are all a miniature A6 size, but you can upgrade to A5 for £1.45 for plain paper and £1.85 for lined if you so wish.


3. Set of 3 Unforgivable Curses Pencils
£3.75 from EasilySuede on Etsy + £1.10 postage

What would go perfectly with your brand new, sassy notebook? Torture pencils of course! This set of three pencils have the unforgivable curses stamped on them and you can choose from multiple colours. The shop also sells a set of 6 regular Charms & Spells Pencils for £7.50 in case you’re not a terrible person.


4. Harry Potter Inspired Polyjuice Potion / Unicorn Blood Necklaces.
£5.00 each from TLCgeekboutique on Etsy + £2.00 postage

These little necklaces are painstakingly handmade potion bottles, ingredients and anything else Potter themed that could go in a bottle (pumpkin juice, Snape’s tears, you name it). There are so many to choose from, you definitely need to check out the whole Etsy shop. They even take custom orders, if your favourite potion isn’t listed.


5. Hogwarts Watercolour Print
£7.10+ (depending on size) from PrometheanArtworks on Etsy + £1.20 postage

Need to display your love of Hogwarts for all to see? Look no further. From a small 5×7″ print (£7.10) to a large A3 size (£17.20), this artistic, colourful picture will brighten up any room. Plus because they’re all UK sizes, you’ll be able to get a cheap frame just about anywhere.


6. Gryffindor or Slytherin Illustrated Character Bookmarks
£2.50 each / £7.00 for three from SillyLunastortaShips on Etsy +  £1.20 postage

This beautiful original artwork brings to life various Harry Potter characters in bookmark form. You can buy them individually or as a set, and there are even more characters available in the Etsy shop. Seriously, there’s a pretty damn awesome Voldemort one too.


7. The Grim Tea Cup and Saucer
£13.99 for tea cup only / £15.99 with saucer from Dreamscapeink on Etsy + free postage

I’m not saying that anyone’s ever called a Harry Potter fan subtle…but here’s something a bit different. The design depicting the shape of a Grim made out of tea leaves is on the inside of the tea cup. It’s like a suprise Potter fix that you can take to work and/or confuse people with.


8. ‘I Love Tea Like Dobby Loves Socks’ Mug
£7.00 from Printsmadewithlove on Etsy + £4.00 postage

If you want a more conventional receptacle to fuel your tea addiction, then this simplistic but obviously Potter themed design will pronounce your love to anyone who sees you drinking. There’s also a coffee version if you bat that way. The only drawback is that you’ll probably give youself and everyone around you severe Dobby-related PTSD flashbacks.


9. ‘Accio Sugar’ Silver Plated Teaspoon
£8.99 from Dreamscapeink on Etsy + free postage

Yes, more on the tea theme. Because you’re obviously going to need this hand-stamped vintage teaspoon. £8.99 might seem expensive for a spoon, but at least the shipping is free and it would make a lovely gift.


10. ‘Mischief Managed’ Coaster
£3.95 from fableandblack on Etsy + £1.00 postage

What else were you going to put your new mug on?



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